What we Believe

We are a church of the Anglican Network in Canada.

In a nutshell, this means that we are Anglican followers of Jesus,

who take very seriously the truths in the bible, our relationship to other Christians across the world, and being faithful to all of God's expectations and plans for his followers.   We look to God to help us to understand the world we live in, and to help us live meaningful and empowered lives.

In a sentence we are a: "biblically based, gospel sharing, Anglican church"

You might ask what does that really look like?  The best way to find out is to come and meet us, and spend some time with us, both in times of worship, and just hanging out.

Some of the things really important to us are:



Our God hears his people when they pray.  Prayer is central to our services, and central to our lives.  We endeavor to make Jesus the center of our corporate and personal lives, and so it makes sense that spending time praying, listening to him, and sharing our concerns for ourselves and the world is important.  Our Anglican heritage means we pray together often, both silently and aloud, both conversationally and using historic prayers that state so clearly some of the core desires of our hearts. 



It has been stated that our chief purpose in life is to worship God and to enjoy him forever.  Worship gives us an opportunity to come into the very presence of God, and experience his love and caring in many ways.  Amazing Grace, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, and the latest Hillsong rendition of the Creed all speak to us in different ways and help lift our thoughts and spirits from the current situation to God's majesty and grace.   You will find everything from very traditional hymns to today's worship music used in our gatherings.  We worship together using current language, but follow forms that the Anglican Church has been refining for centuries.


We are so much stronger together, and God designed us to need each other and to count on each other.  It is no accident that when Jesus talks about the church, the fellowship of believers, he uses family language.  We are brothers and sisters as we follow Christ, and we try to remember this and to embody this to the world. 

Joys and sorrows are both so greatly improved by being experience together. Learning is easier when we do it as a group, and giving or getting a helping hand in a tough spot is God's way.  Having an opportunity to help others, or being helped are both important ways we can experience God and his love.


God Centeredness

We know that God is active in our world, and active within ourselves. He longs to heal us, spirit, soul and body, from all the trauma of this world and to provide for us. It is through this action of the Holy Spirit that we are able to be sent into the world and to be whole people within it. God did not create us and then turn his back on us. We hope to live expectantly and joyfully into his promises for us.


Jesus was generous and we too seek to be a generous people.  Generous as we give to the church and the work of God, generous with each other in ways that are surprising and a testimony to our love for one another, and generous with those around us, outside our church community.  We hope to be known for our generosity so that God may be glorified through us.



If we are forever trying to discern though our experience or others, what God's call to us is, we will end up blowing about and shifting our understanding of true at the whim of the world.  This is not God's intent for his people.  His answer for his people is the bible.  The bible as set out in the Old and New Testament holds within it everything necessary for us in this world that is searching for truth.  It has been given once and for all.   It is truthful in a way that transcends us, and transcends various world views.  We are a bible people.


We are called St James because of his focus on prayer, and his insistence that faith to be real must be lived out. God calls us to love him, to experience his love, and to show his love to others. Advocating for, and working for, a better and more just world is what we try to do.


New Beginings

New Beginnings

As Christians we must be formed by Matthew 28:19-20. Providing opportunities for people to make the initial step of surrendering everything they are to Jesus, and encouraging them in the ongoing working out of their salvation through increased intimacy with Him describes a huge part of our mission.   All of us sometimes fail but we must always turn back to Jesus, ask for his forgiveness, and then get up and continue to put our faith into action.

In summary, Jesus, along with the Father and the Holy Spirit, IS God and the truth of his existence is the truth of one triune God with us in all of life. Life is real, and we try to make faith a central part of our real lives.