Our First Service

Sunday January 15th 2017 was a exciting and blessed evening for St James Fellowship.

We had our first service together, and welcomed many visitors and friends. 

Our honoured guest was Bishop Charles Masters who presented Rev Steve with his license as Rector of St James Fellowship. Steve also signed a Oath of Canonical obedience, an Oath of Conformity, and a Declaration of Assent that were all witnessed by Archdeacon Tim Parent. Steve joked that the amount of signing was right up there with what was done at a wedding!    Bishop Charles  preached, and Rev Steve celebrated communion.

Many people helped with the set up of our first service, and we enjoyed a wonderful time of visiting together after the service.  All sorts of home made goodies were on hand and consumed!

As we joined together, we were reminded of the generosity of so many people that  have helped us in this beginning.  Trenton Baptist Church are our wonderful hosts, and through them and others God has showered abundant provision on us, as we hear God calling us to be a family of Jesus seekers and followers.  Bishop Charles challenged us in his sermon to remember that Jesus mission, and therefore our mission, is for all people, everywhere and always.  God unconditionally cares for us and aches for us to respond to that love.

It was an amazing way to begin our worshiping life together.