St James offers a number of different opportunities to learn about our faith, and one that is quite popular is called Alpha.

Alpha is a program developed at Holy Trinity Brompton, an Anglican Church in the UK, to introduce people to the Christian faith, and to act as a refresher for people who want learn more about the foundations of their faith.

St James offers this course periodically, and would love to have you join us.

The course consists of ten weekly meetings.  This might sound long, but you only need to continuing to come if you are finding it intriguing and interesting.  Most people at the end of the course talk about how they wish that it could be longer, or say that they will miss the meetings.

At each meeting we watch a video, eat together, and discuss in a open and non-judgemental way the contents of the video we watched.

Call us at 613-438-3874 to find out about a course you could be a part of.  We offer them at a variety of times so we hope we might have one perfect for you to check out.